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In addition to providing services in the field of Cyber Security to institutions that collect, accumulate and process information in digital environments, we are a technology manufacturer and exporter that offers Fintech products that we have developed for 20 years to institutions that want to manage the payment processes of themselves or their member merchant networks.

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Finansal Teknolojilerde 20 Yıllık Tecrübe



Provide your end users with values ​​such as money/points with a digital wallet.

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It offers experiences that will increase your customers' loyalty to your brand.

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We carry out cyber security audits to ensure the security of your system and the information you obtain in your business processes.

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Mobile POS application that will allow you to receive payments in member merchant networks

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“We have achieved a lot with inventiv, in the field of card based payment systems that we’ve been in service since 1999. inventiv has always been that enables us to stay ahead of our competitors on the path to the markets needs with the most advanced and newest technologies. And we will continue to add value to all our companions that we operate with inventiv in all sectors with our innovative products and services.”