27 February

Fraud Attempts Prevention Project from inventiv

Multinet inventiv founded in 2016 in GOSB Teknopark by Multinet Up in order to unify all working processes with technology and innovation has been continuing to develop payment solutions for customer needs, loyalty systems and mobile apps.

Multinet inventiv has been continuing its activities in the field of with and without card payment solutions, mobile wallet, mobile payment, virtula POS solutions and loyalty applications, also intensifies its R&D studies within the scope of artificial intelligence technologies. The company had significant achievements with the Gazel Framework and Pay by Up solutions they released earlier at national and international level. Multinet inventiv that develops projects to produce innovative technologies of the future for not just todays also the future, this time initiating to develop a product works for detecting fraud attempts.

TÜBİTAK support to the innovative solution with machine learning

With the project titled as “Detecting and Preventing Fraud Attempts” it is aimed to develop systems that feed each other in layers and develop self-decision systems. In the project principally it is foreseen that different machine learning technics work together in parallel, and the results are combined. The project differentiates from the other similar applications with becoming the machine learning modules to in a parallel layers form that they will be either contenders and teacher to each other. The project, which offers an innovative system to financial technology institutions, was also deemed worthy of receiving capital and technology support from the TÜBİTAK Technology and Innovation Support Programs Presidency (TEYDEB).

Gaining to our sector a new perspective our main goal

CEO of Multinet inventiv Zafer Şafak Tokcanlı said about the topic:

“We aim to gain our sector a new perspective by offering AI tech focused innovative solutions and services. In this field we see that fraud attempt preventing systems work on pre-designated scenarios and they fail with following fraud attempts that develop constantly.

Whereas the project we developed creates a new system on fraud attempt detecting modules that divided into different layers. The system aims to establish a “constant developing” strategy by combining the produced results.

We aimed that layers will be established use machine learning technics. Especially at the further stages of the project, we aim to create fraud attempt scenarios thus we establish a structure that is able to to foresee fraud attempts.”

And Zafer Tokcanlı proceeded by emphasizing the support they received by TÜBİTAK as:

“It’s an honor for us to be deemed worthy of TEYDEB support by TÜBİTAK. We can’t wait to get the efficient results of the project we initiated for detecting fraud attempts which is one of the most fundamental problems of the finance sector with the support we received from TÜBİTAK. As Multinet inventiv, we will continue to create innovative working models that special to customer needs and solutions that help to make our customers life easier.”

27 February