Make your customers
loyal to your brand

Features Of The Product

Endless Campaign Combination

You can offer campaigns special to any person in a group in a business or segment you wish in fixed, cumulative and incremental campaign models.

Winning and Reward Diversity

It supports all winning values; point, TL, promotion code etc. that you offer your users. You just choose what behavior will give you what.

Detailed Campaign Reports

You can generate reports based on winning users and actions earned, evaluate efficiency by comparing them with past terms.

Who, When, Where, How and What?

It gives your users in a certain target segment, a certain reward for certain actions they perform at certain times, at certain action points. All you have got to do is to determine your target!

Do you want to reward your users behavior?

If you have a website or mobile app and are able to evaluate your users behavior, influencing them is in your hand!

Do you want to reward your users behavior?

If you have a clothing or cosmetic brand, managing a restaurant network, changing your users spending habits is in your hand!

What do you say to meet with Parantez?

Use a product proved itself to create loyal users!


Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a campaign in any model you wish. Thus, you can increase the loyalty of your customers by rewarding or taking advantage of discounts, as being more connected on your business model.

You can create rules in accordance with spending and actions of your customers. Thus, customers who comply this rules can be rewarded instantly as a point.

You can set the points your customers will spend with a rule set you wish. But ıf you want to keep the points in one wallet, you can use our Walvent product to use this feature.

Using Parantez and set it up to your business model is so simple. You can review our documentation and set it up according to your business model.