We have a solution suggestion that will get your cash flow in order!


When your users registiration process is comleted, it generates the necesarry walllets for each users which was specified in advance.

Users make add/remove according to actions in the app(press a button, read QR, upload with credit card etc.)

Enables you to know your customer better through reporting where and when your users transaction have been made.

It offers backoffice app which enables you to make add/remove to your customers wallets and It runs integrated with your current system through API’s.

Features Of The Product

Quick Set Up

You can start using it right away by adding user information to the software project you host as a module with a few API integrations.

Easy Integration

You can integrate ıt to your system in 2 days through detailed technical documentatiton, generate wallets connected to your users and manage.

Secured Connection

Becauese of connection keys which was created special to each project, you can be sure that they’re safe, use ıt without any concern.


Initiate pre-order and get your cash flow in order with simple integration.

It integrates the Walvent to your business with ease and you would have the ability to receive pre-order from your customer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can integrate the user informations come from your web service, to the Walvent. It is either able to hide the personal informations about Walvent owners and associate the wallets with a unique value that specifies the user.

Yes, more than one wallet can be generated for one person and each of them can be in a different unit(TL, point, amount etc.))

Credit cards can be kept in the wallets, e-receipt can be taken out, theese cards can be hold in the virtual POSs.

By applying for Walvent, our sale representatives will conduct you our convenient offer. Keep in mind, the product runs on SaaS model, so ıt doesn’t come with additional hardware or software cost..