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5 Simple Methods to Provide Data Security on Your Business

Today, providing data security against every day increasing cyber attacks comes first at what to do of corporations in the field of cyber security. Although how using firewall, antivirus and such tools are important, applying other solutions that are needed to do in this field is important at the same level.

We compiled the answer of what is data security and 5 simple and effective method that you should apply in this article.

Güvenlik Mimarisinin Doğru Kurgulanması

Establishing The Security Architecture Properly

Ransomware attacks are spreading up like an epidemic of plague without big or small. Establishing an effective security architecture against these attacks comes first of what to do. Blocking the malware from infecting your computer is most of the time easier than trying to clean up after it infected. If it was exposed to a ransomware attack and data weren’t backed up in advance, generally there is nothing left to do. In very few of the hundreds of cases we have supported to date, we have been able to recover data using the tools at our disposal. At the rest, unfortunately it wasn’t possible to recover the encrypted data.

According to the results of a survey made with 1200 person IT administrator group;

  • %55 have experienced a software infection,
  • 61.3 haven’t accepted to pay ransom (We definitely suggest not to pay. If you think that you have no chance but to pay, consult an expert before)
  • %86 could save their data because they backed them up,
  • %8 lost their data completely or partially.

But there are more eye catching figures as well:

  • Less than half of %38.7 (%19.1) whom accepted to pay ransom have accomplished to recover their data, the rest %19.6 lost their data although they paid. (Attacker got the payment but didn’t give the password or gave the password but data became unusable.)

According to the result of the survey, %27.6 of the whom paid the ransom lost their data completely although they paid or not paid. Because of this reason, considering the data security before anything happened is very important. It is for sure that it would save you from a bigger and unexpected costs although it takes an amount of investment to establish the security architecture of the corporations. Therefore, you may have a counseling for a right security standing to be established, get penetration test to understand your current state and vulnerabilities, make yourself safe by getting cyber insurance.

VPN Kullanımı

VPN Usage

If there are whom connecting to the corporate systems such as sales personnel or managers, VPN which is Virtual Private Network is a prominent component that would support the general security level. During the usage of VPN security of the corporation is able to be provided by encrypting the communication.

There are two significant point to be careful about in here;

  • VPN connection is being secure. Using VPN services that can be found in the internet for free may cause when out of the frying pan into the the fire situation.
  • VPN encrypts the communication however can not protect you from web pages that contain malware.

Her zaman yedek alın

Always make back up

It’s a simple and effective method. Although you took all security precautions, there still may be possibility to have data loss. Making back-ups constantly which would be available when necessary makes recovering the data possible. Not just cyber attacks, also many other reasons might cause data loss such as natural disasters, user misusage or technical malfunctioning. Taking the back-ups to another system in company is not enough today. Getting these services on cloud, making back-ups to the environment in out-company or was taken out after the back-up process was done are also important.

Bilgisayarlarınızı Güncel Tutun

Keep Your Computers Updated

According to the statistics we have more than %80 of the cyber attacks target to the vulnerabilities that will be removed with a simple update. Wannacry ransomware disease whose happened las year around the world and also affected a lot of company in Turkey is one of the first examples that can be given in this regard. Wannacry who targets to a vulnerability that was removed by Microsoft with an update released in March was first seen in May. The disease which affected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world and has lead to a millions of Dollars damage, wouldn’t have affected anyone if it the updates were done. By this reason, it is very important that the computer in use, use a licensed and regularly updated operating system.

Çalışanlarınızı Veri Koruma Konusunda Bilgilendirin

Inform Your Employees About The Data Protection

Not just cyber attacks, significant amount of frauds that are done in the internet environment target to the employees of corporates or individuals. These attacks called phishing which make the pc user click on a link by deceiving them and aim to make them to download a file. Unfortunately there is no any technical solution to fight with these attacks. By this reason, it is so important that pc users to be careful and not to fall into trap. Corporate personnels are being informed regularly decreases the affects of the attacks in significant amounts.


Topic titles that employees need to be careful about can be listed as:

  • Clues that are about how to detect web pages, links, figures and e-mails that can be malicious,
  • Importance of updates of the computers,
  • Importance of back-up regarding with data security and how these back-ups need to be taken,
  • Methods that are used for leaking data out to the company and clues that make them detect,
  • The technics that scammers use and began to use new.

Unfortunately when it comes to computer systems it is not possible to talk about %100 security. When the trend the cyber attacks track is reviewed it is clearly seen that attacker target to all companies without big/small. Because of this taking precautions regarding cyber security and data security and to audit these precautions actions regularly are so important. As you can see, the question of what is data security has more than one answers and solutions as much as can’t be solved with this article. Although being completely secure is not possible, creating awareness is simple yet might create big differences that will have a huge effect.