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What to Consider When Choosing Penetration Test Firm?

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1) Choosing the Right Team

Experience and ability are the indispensable of a penetration test. Specialists who will perform the penetration test should be talented, have the deep knowledge of the sector and all required sources for a comprehensive penetration test. When choosing the right team, defining the all test procedure and making the probable risk planning are the must.

Test'in Kapsamının Belirlenmesi

2) Indicating the Scope of Penetration Test

The scope, target and plan of the test that will be performed by the test team should answer to the questions below. Should explain what will be included to the environment and in what concept.

  • What are being tested?
  • How are they being tested?
  • Why are they being tested?
  • Who performs the test?
  • When and where the test is performed?

Sızma Testi Hedefleri ve Programı

3) Penetration Test Goals and Program

Before running the penetration tests that will performed main and additional test goals should be indicated and analyzed. Actually, the test plan should based on the indicated goals and the company get tested should explain what it has gotten and if there are vulnerabilities what to do to remove them as in a certain way.

Sızma Testi Raporu

4) Penetration Test Report

Many penetration test applications have the ability to get into many systems. However it should conduct the information it has found as well. Reports that it gives are important as much as the penetration test service. Report that was given by the person performed the pentest, ought to display a way to cyber security team of the company and they should improve their defence system by that direction.

Zaman Yönetimi

5) Time Management

One of the most important matters in a penetration test is also the timing. The firm that performed the test should conclude the penetration test in the dedicated the time they offered and conduct all findings to the company get tested as report. Prolongation of the offered time might lead to motivation of the company purchased the test goes down plus that would be late for removing the vulnerabilities.

Uzan Vadeli Penetrasyon Testi Yatırımı

6) Long Period Penetration Test Investment

After a penetration test has concluded with success, the company has been tested should plan the future tests as parallel to developing attack threats. Should contact to the company will perform the test in advance.

Güvenlik Denetimleri

7) Security Audits

Penetration test is an obligation to create awareness before your companies vulnerabilities, potential risks cause problem. Penetration tests are a rule at all security audits such as ISO27001, PCI.

Like we mentioned above, there are many different reasons why a company might set out to find a decent penetration test company. Penetration tests might be too pricy for your company in some periods. Whereas with the contribution of the test to your companies security and reputation, it makes huge impact on your companies reliability in the sector.