Yaşar Ateş

System and Security Administration Manager

What Is Data Security?

Thera are thousands of cyber attack methods that would cause losing all of your datas or some of them, which are the most valuable assets of your organization. By this reason providing the data security in the cyber security concept is the most important point.

Imagine one morning when you come to work and you can’t reach any of the data of your computers or employers of the whole company. You might face with a lot of risks like your businesses having a hitch, production stoppage, having no customer information, employees information falling into the malicious hands, financial informations are being reached.


There are many methods for the organizations to protect themselves against cyber attacks, but which one is the most effective and easy to apply?

The question of what is data security and how to provide it can be answered in many ways: Setting up the system architecture correctly, using VPN, backing up the data, updating the pc and softwares in the right time and increasing the awareness of workers in the organization stand out as the most important and needs to be prioritized topics.