Yaşar Ateş

System and Security Administration Manager

What Is Penetration Test?

Penetration test are system audits which is performed by experts in the field, adhering to certain procedures and legally, by examining the security vulnerabilities and deficiencies of certain information systems from the eyes of an attacker, and in order to prevent these vulnerabilities from being captured or damaged by malicious people and to make the systems more secure.

Neden Sızma Testlerine İhtiyacımız var?

Why Do We Need Penetration Tests?

Vulnerabilities in the information systems is being controlled and report by a third eye is one of the first stages of the cyber security procedures. Despite the system was established how secure, it is indispensable that there are missed points and the attackers knowledge should not be underestimated in today. By this reason, specialists who can think of as illegal hackers and foresee the vulnerabilities and the circumstances that would lead to a vulnerability and think of the solutions to avert.

Siber saldırı nedir?

What is hacking and cyber attack?

In today each corporation has at least one crucially important information system and this system would being captured by malicious persons will lead to enormous damages. Let’s consider the internal networks, external networks, applications and devices are being tested, required improvements are done and even the security tightening aren’t neglected. Does the fact that we carried out the whole procedures, and even more mean that we won’t be exposed to cyber attacks or our systems won’t be able to be leaked? It is important to take precautions against the known attacks and virus kinds; what if the unknown ones?

Consider an attacker who is able to understand the new attack ways, experienced in the software field, know the hardwares well, able to get over the physical layers, using radio frequencies, able to manipulate the devices, successful in social engineering and most importantly have no limits. Hacking means pushing limits of everything that is possible, accomplishing the impossible.

Do you want to protect your business against cyber attacks?

Let us help you to detect potential security vulnerabilities of your system, both protect your data and don’t be ashamed towards your customer.